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Kitchen Remodel Flex Track Lighting by Beffel
The goals were to have a kitchen brightly lit when necessary; to have lighting that was subdued but sufficient for the owners to work on meal prep without spilling extra lighting into the dining room; and to minimize the electrical work.
This kitchen was in need of lighting updating.
Sink & Undercabinet Lighting

All Lighting Before Photo
Sink & Undercabinet Linear Lighting

All Lighting After Photo
Although Beffel Lighting provides designs with many different types of lighting, these owners like fluorescent lighting for its efficiency and brightness. The original center light was replaced with one with a simply styled oak frame to complement the birch cabinets. Color-corrected bulbs were provided to bring out the color in the cabinetry - cabinets were not refinished.

Separate units for undercabinet lighting were changed to continuos xenon linear lighting with a brushed nickel fascia strip - enough to see everything on the countertops even when the center light is not on. The kitchen sink fluorescent was rebuilt using newer, more energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs, doubling the light output. The fascia strip that was used in front on the linear lighting was also used in front of the sink fluorescent to provide continuity with the trim.

The corner of the kitchen that used to have a table now has a desk. The ceiling outlet was moved and the corner now features a 12 volt flex track that provides plenty of light for sitting and doing paperwork and ambient lighting when entertaining.
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