Log Homes Illustrated - September 1999
We have designed lighting for many log homes. Three of the log homes we've designed lighting for have been featured in Log Homes Illustrated and Country's Best Log Homes. This log home is one of Kuhn Bros. Log Homes design.

Log home lighting design requires advance planning. All the holes for wiring through the logs must be drilled as the logs are stacked. There are no second chances. By planning the lighting before construction prints arrive, it's possible to make adjustments in the lighting plans to fit the construction prints in the few days between arrival of the construction prints and arrival of the logs.
Miniature Track Lighting & Undercabinet Lighting
Kitchen with Fluorescent Lighting added
The miniature track lighting and undercabinet lights in the kitchen (top photo) provide sufficient light when entertaining and the fluorescents hidden between beams (bottom photo) brighten the kitchen on dreary days.

The stairway below needed to be lit in an unobtrusive manner.

Miniature track lighting was suspended from the sloped ceiling below the log beams. It was positioned above the stairway just past the railing to make it easy to reach the bulbs from the second floor.
Hunting Lodge

Ceiling Fan Uplighting, Design by Beffel Lighting
One of the most important features is the magificent ceiling structure which can get lost in darkness. The ceiling fan houses several bulbs and provides uplighting that highlights the tongue and groove ceiling. A matching fan was used in the loft so that the entire ceiling would be lit.

Lumen Christi Chapel Kitchen Before & After 
Beffels Lighting Design

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