Lumen Christi Chapel
Formerly a dark space with a single cross against a wooden wall ( before photo to the right ), the chapel is now joyful and light with a mural icon behind the altar.

There were a number of concerns to be addressed: to light the icon wall without hot spots, to increase the illumination in the center of the chapal and to add lighting in the naves to the right and left where there was formerly no lighting.

The icon wall was washed with light using only six powerful fluorescent track lights. Uplighting was provided with miniaturized high output fluorescents near the top of the side walls. Recess lighting was provided for the seating area of the naves and spotlighting was used for the statues. Color-corrected fluorescent bulbs of the same Kelvin temperature were used in all fixtures so that the color of the light would be consistent throughout.

The result - a truly uplifting space.
Lumen Christi Chapel Before

Chapel Naves & Uplights, Design by Beffel Lighting
Chapel Icon Wall, Track Lighting, Design by Beffel

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