Saucy Dog's BBQ
Jonesville, Michigan
Wayne Babcock, proprietor of the ChicagoWater Grill, wanted to open a second restaurant in Jonesville and called us for his restaurant lighting design again.

Across the street, the Saucy Dog's BBQ was going to have a totally different feel from the Grill. He wanted to appeal to a younger crowd. His intent was to make it family friendly and since they are close to Hillsdale College, he also wanted to appeal to a crowd later in the evening that might gather to watch football or listen to live entertainment.

It was our assignment to keep within budget and work with the rustic decor. We provided track lighting to highlight wall areas. Warehouse lighting fixtures were provided for the dining area to make sure that there was plenty of light throughout. Fluorescent lighting in the kitchen is energy efficient, illuminates the area brightly and meets all code requirements.
Saucy Dog's Bar, Lighting Design by Beffel

Dining, Lighting Design by Beffel Lighting
Kitchen, Lighting Design by Beffel Lighting

ChicagoWater Grill Lumen Christi Chapel 
Beffels Lighting Design

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